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The Australian public health system receives a fair amount of harsh criticism despite the recent implementation of various health programs; most of which are largely focused on the female population. But are these programs, created to improve the health and well being of women nationwide, adequate?

Statistics show that in Australia more women than men visit hospitals and GP’s. Those women aged around 53 to 58 years are more likely to have, and be able to afford private health insurance; while those aged 79 to 84 years are less likely to be able to afford adequate health care. In addition, social and economic conditions including a lack of affordable health care services and a lack of culturally appropriate services and information which have lead to health disparities between groups of women. Consequently those who are most in need are not being provided with sufficient medical care, and therefore more reliant on the public health care system.

In line with this, the government has set up various health service facilities to serve the medical needs of women, particularly in this age group. Policies have been set up to provide affordable and accessible health services for women such as: programs targeting disability, hospital admissions, mental health and wellbeing and sexual and reproductive health; as well as programs dealing with emotional traumas such as violence and safety.

Aside from this, the government has also created a policy – The National Women’s Health Policy – to ensure better health care for all Australian women. The policy, outlined on the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing website, states that it “recognises the importance of addressing immediate and future health challenges as well as addressing fundamental ways in which society is structured and it impacts on women’s health and well being.”Aiming to maintain and develop health services and programs for women all over the country.

These policies and programs sound like they are a step in the right direction for the under-staffed and under-resourced Australian health care system; only time will tell if they actually succeed.

To find out more about the current health care programs the government offers for Australian women, visit the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing website. 

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